Sip Tea Room

During my time at Fabrica, I was able to work on a proposed identity for Design 100%, a design expo taking place in London. Sip is a tea room concept showcasing and celebrating the art of tea drinking. Patrons are able to enter into a calm space where they can escape the chaos and take a slow sip of their favourite tea.

The Book of Tea is a book by Kakuzo Okakura, is a seminal piece of literature that I have taken and placed as a take-home booklet. The booklet is placed in an outer band that must be ripped open—like a tea bag, in order to enjoy its contents. Once opened, revealed is are pages, flowing down in a concertina fold.

Inspired by the motion of tea, and relaxational qualities of water, graphics, type and format reflect the fluidity of tea's movement. As well as the fleeting moments of enjoyment patrons experience during their stay at Sip.

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